Hansel & Gretel

For this fairytale opera a group of cheeky teenage-angles was needed. They should look like lost children of an urban jungle, and give solace to to Hansel and Gretel with the song “Abendsegen” when they get lost in the big city, eventually falling down a drain hole in the street.

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Radha and Krishna – probably one of the oldest and most popular love stories of the Indian culture. Looking a little bit like Indian miniature paintings, the main characters of the short film “Bollyworld” should be a little different from what you would expect them to be: Krishna, being a little dare-devil and show-off, and Radha being not as naiive as you might think.

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Up with the Stars

A sad little girl is wandering through a nightly forrest. The silence, die animals of the forrest and a vision of a beloved person she has lost give are comforting. The figures were intentionally meant to be simple, contrasting the colorful and overwhelming night sky.

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