Each wedding is unique. And that is of course how it should be! With every wedding I accompany with my camera, I create a small piece of art. A cinematic wonder, giving a lifetime of happiness to a small group of viewers.

Wedding Film Packages

  • Package Highlight

  • Highlight Clip
    approx. 3-5 min.
  • Wedding Film
  • Full ceremony
  • 4h Shooting time Filmaufnahmen
  • 1 Filmmaker
  • HD-quality
  • Online Delivery
  • USB delivery box
  • 999
    inkl. MwSt.
  • Package Feature

  • Highlight Clip
    approx. 3-5 min.
  • Wedding Film
    approx. 20 min.
  • Full ceremony
    approx. 40 min.
  • 12h Shooting time
  • 2 Filmmakers
  • HD-quality
  • Online Delivery
  • USB delivery box
  • 2.649
    inkl. MwSt.

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Included in all packages

Highlight Clip

The most beautiful and memorable scenes of your bug day will be gathered in a 3-5 minute Highlight Clip. This Highlight Clip (often being referred to as Wedding Trailer) is included in all packages and will be ready ealier than the main film. With it’s cinematic scenes, fast cuts and stirring background music, it is the perfect clip to share with your friends on facebook, your blog or as a private link. A nice little gimmick idea is to send the preview link to your guests together with the thank-you cards. Highlight clips can be booked individually withhout booking a regular wedding film and also is a great present idea for the bridal couple.

Equipment & Licences

It’s important to me to produce a high quality product for each and every one of my clients. I am well equipped for videographic projects of different kinds and keep my technical equipment up-to-date. Camera equipment and accessoires as well as Software licensing and Hardware needed for editing are included in all packages. Additionally, a GEMA-free music licence is included as a background music for your highlight clip.

Delivery Package

A it is appropriate for this special occasion, you will receive your wedding film on a valuable USB flash drive in a wooden case. Each delivery package is assembled with care and individually composed by hand. Together with your film, you will receive a few film still prints and a small treat to enjoy on your couple’s movie night. Additionally – if you wish – the final film can be provided online via streaming/download link with password protection for your guests. Upon request, the classic media DVD and Bluray can be ordered additionally and will be delivered with an individual cover, label and disc menu.

HD and 4K

As standard your wedding film will be produced in Full HD Quality. Upon request it can now also be produced in Ultra HD (4K), and surprise your loved ones with a stunningly high image quality compared to Full HD that will impress and please you for many years.


Every couple knows best, which moments of their wedding are most important to them. Some might want to remember their great anticipation while getting ready, others might want to capture the romantic atmosphere of the first dance or the emotional speech of the bride’s father. No matter if you book a full or half-day shooting, your wedding film will always be tailored to your individual needs and wishes – as a highlight clip, short film or feature film!


Travelling, transportation and setup are included in the area of Berlin city. My collegues and me are always present about half an hour before the first program point to be filmed. Within this time frame I will get an overview on the location and setup my technical equipment. It’s not a concern, if your celebration is outside of Berlin, expenses for travel and accommodation will be charged and offset on an individual basis.

Additional booking options

Discount options

Advance Payment | 3% discount

When booking my services and reserving your wedding date, usually a deposit of 25% of the total amount shall immediately become payable. If you decide to pre-pay the full amount instead, you get a 3% payback.

Self-promotion | 200€ discount + FREE teaser clip

As a filmmaker I’m always in need of new filming material to be published on my online portfolio. If you help me with that, providing me the rights to use your wedding film for self-promotion (and noting else!), I can offer you an attractive additional discount. Additionally you will receive an exclusive teaser clip (which is a 1-minute short version of your highlight clip) that is perfect for posting on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Additional media

DVD or Bluray authoring  | 30€

High-quality disk with cover, menu and label.
inkl. 1x DVD or 1x Bluray

DVD and Bluray authoring combi | 50€

High-quality disk with cover, menu and label.
inkl. each 1x DVD and 1x Bluray

Media reproduction

USB flash drive | 30€/ per piece

inkl. wooden case / Stk

Bluray | 15€/ per piece

inkl. cover, menu and label

DVD | 10€/ per piece

inkl. cover, menu and label

Additional filming options

Extra hours | 40€/h

Additional shooting hours

Extra filmmaker | 25% of the total amount

More eyes can see and shoot more – and an additional filmmaker can give you a variety of great options for your perfect wedding film! Apart from producing more diversified footage from additional angles, you can have events filmed that take place on two locations at the same time. Examples could be getting ready of the bride and groom or the guest’s arrival and your photo shooting. With the usage of multiple cameras, you can also order extra films* in full length.

4K-Upgrade | 250€

Let your film be produced in high quality Ultra HD/4K instead of Full HD.

Additional editing options

Extra films*

If you want to remember every single moment of your wedding, extra films* could be just right for you. That way you can have a long version of special program points that are important to you. Some examples:

Extra film* “Full wedding ceremony”, approxc. 40 min | 300€
Extra film* “All speeches”, ca. 30min | 200€
Extra film* “Show program”, ca. 30min | 200€

* Extra films can only be ordered with a second filmmaker booked accordingly.

Alterations | at cost

Considering your wishes and needs you have told me prior the film production, I’m striving to create an unforgettable wedding film that is appealing and will fully please you. But sometimes, as it is within the artistic segment, you might have a different visions of some things in mind and would like some changes. As experience shows, those changes are minimal most of the time and can be done in a snap. However if you ask for more time consuming changes, I will always let you know in advance about the additional expenses to consider and give you time to decide.