Valentine Godé-Darel and Ferdinand Hodler, the model and her artist, at the beginning of the last century in Vevey on Lake Geneva. Thinking aloud, Valentine reflects on her relationship to Ferdinand telling the true story of a deep and complicated love finding an end in Valentines early death.

Production of a trailer simulating a VR environment in 3D and pilot film produced in 360° video (equirectangular) and 360° fulldome.

Animated VR simulation trailer & 360° pilot film

Direction: Monira Kamal & Martina Widorski
Music: Kurt Widorski
Responsibilities: 2D/3D Animation, 360°/Fulldome implementation, 3D modeling (previs)

Presentation at Festival of Animation Berlin

Equirectangular / 360°

Fulldome / 360°