F00 Festival

F00 Festival is an educational multi-player online game. It is conducted as a workshop using a game-based learning approach. Participants solve quests on the fictitious social media platform F00, compete with other players, try to understand the algorithms and get to the legendary F00 Festival.

F00 Festival – Multiplayer Online Game.
Client: mediale Pfade

Responsibilities: Video procuktion & motion design
Voice Talents: Kai Höregott, Monira Kamal
Sound Mischung: Leon Behn


Happy Smiles – Ulrich Gerhartz

Happy Smiles – Ulrich Gerhartz

Original title: Wir fahren in den Sonnenschein

Because staying at home is getting more and more boring, mother and daughter decide to take a trip to the beach.

This one’s for all quarantine and lockdown sufferers: Ulrich Gerhartz song “Happy Smiles” will take you from the couch to the beach in a scissors cut! The cut out sets in this video were entirely made of old packaging material received during lockdown period.

Animated music video

Idea & Direction: Monira Kamal
Music & Lyrics: Ulrich Gerhartz
Vocal: Elke Jochmann
Cast: Sophie Gerhartz, Anna Gast
Hand doubles: Rieka & Sibille
Production assistant: Sonia Seidel
Storyboard: Monira Kamal, Sandra Peise
Set Design, Cutout Animation: Monira Kamal
Character Design, 2D Animation: Sandra Peise
Post production: Monira Kamal
Sound Design & Mix: Arslan Akyüz


Festivals & Awards


Vesuvius International Film Fest, 25th edition:
Best Animated Short Movie

Ambitus Film Festival:
Best Music Video


Environmental Short Film Festival: Finalist


Festival Audiovisual Infantil y Juvenil, FICAIJ 12
Cartoon Club Rimini, 38. Edition
Festival of Animation Berlin, FAB 2022
Kinosaray Positive Film Festival
Zero Plus International Festival
Ambitus Film Festival
Toronto Animation Film Festival, TAAFI
MONSTRA Lisbon Animation Festival
Animatiba Festival Int’l de Animação de Curitiba
AniMate Australia


Behind the Scenes


They are colorful, flexible and always keep a stiff upper lip: Say hi to Gnubbels! Those little everyday helpers by Mr. Flint easily let you attach many items of everyday usage temporary without leaving traces.

Gnubbel was presented 2020 in the German TV Show “Das Ding des Jahres” on channel Pro Sieben and is awarded second place of 1000 inventions shown at TV show “Einfach Genial” on German channel MDR.

Animated Spot

Script & Direction: Adrian Künzel
Production: kamal-film
Camera, Edit, Grading, Design, 3D, Compositing: Monira Kamal
2D Animation: Monira Kamal, Maxi Alker
Performer: Finn Bauermeister
Props: Sumon Kamal
Voices: Kai Höregott, Manuel Poschadel, Danny Bruder, Monira Kamal
Sound Recording: Manuel Poschadel
Music & Sound Design: Danny Bruder

Film stills



Character Design


3D Rig & Scene Setup

Peevo – Ravi Srinivasan

A musical journey through the magnificent cactus house in Berlin`s botanical garden.

Music video

Music: Ravi Srinivasan
DoP, Editing: Monira Kamal
Sound recording & mastering: Jörg Reinke

Cactus Bird – Ravi Srinivasan

Wandering through the heavy heat of the desert, the little cactus wren is singing his light-hearted song along the way. Visually animated live action footage with a dry pastel look.

Music video

Music: Ravi Srinivasan
DoP, Editing, VFX: Monira Kamal
Sound recording & mastering: Jörg Reinke

Cirrus – Ravi Srinivasan

Inspired by the beauty of nature on Bali island, this song combines soft balinese tank drums with floating whistling sounds.

Music video

Music: Ravi Srinivasan
DoP & Editing: Monira Kamal
Sound recording & mastering: Jörg Reinke

FAB 2019 | Interview

FAB 2019 | Interview

The team of Festival of Animation Berlin accomplished a lot since it’s premiere edtition back in 2017. For 2019 they needed a little bit of financial support, to start the third edition of the festival FAB2019. This interview video was made to promote their crowdfunding campaign on startnext.


Interview, DP, Edit, CC: KOPFkino Monira Kamal
Logo Animation, Corporate Design: Keenly


Festival Trailer: Studio TRUBA
Opener German Animation Film: Hagar Faibish
Opener New Talents: Fabian Rau (FUX)
Opener 360° Competition: dyrdee Media
Kids Workshop: Maria Steinmetz
Animation corner: Stephan Schomerus
Film “Sog”: Jonatan Schwenk
Film “Negative Space”: Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata
DP & Edit Highlights 2018: VOE work
DP & Edit Highlights 2017: kamal-film, Monira Kamal

Alles ist Neu – Anna-Marlene

Alles ist Neu – Anna-Marlene

A song about the fear of change and letting go of the old.

Music video

Music: Anna-Marlene
Responsibilities: DP, Editing, Post Production


Rock ‘n’ Roll Stampede – Kamikaze Kings

Kamikaze Kings invite you to a proper “Rockstadl”. The music video is a hommage to the golden 80s, when the “ZDF Hitparade” were in, fashion was full of neon colors and Germany swayed collectively to the folk music of Musikantenstadl.

Music video

Music: Kamikaze Kings
Production: Monira Kamal
Responsibilities: DP, Editing, Post Production

Burn Your Disco – Kamikaze Kings

The party animals of Rock ‘n’ Roll present their new music video featuring hot aerobic moves, a steamy performance and a lot of fun.

Music video

Music: Kamikaze Kings
Production: Monira Kamal
Responsibilities: DP, Editing, Post Production